Magento SMS

Magento SMS is a Magento extension that provides SMS alert and notifications integrated in to your eCommerce store. Merchants can now seamlessly extend their Magento stores to send SMS alerts as part of their eCommerce strategy. The extension is compatible with versions Magento 1.4.x to Magento 1.7 and has flexible configuration options.

Magento SMS


* Compatible with Magento 1.4.x to 1.7

Product Features

Native Magento Extension
The Magento Extension is built strictly compatible to the Magento development guidelines and feels like an inherent module within Magento that allows merchants to send SMS.

Events Configuration
You have complete control over the events for which you want the extension to send SMS. Various events for which you can send the SMS are signup, forgot password, one page checkout, multi page checkout, order shipping, payment receipts and many other events in the Magento store. You can switch on or off the events for which you want SMS alerts to be sent.

Message Configuration
For each event that SMS alerts are enabled, you can configure two types of text messages. A message that is sent to the customer and a different message that can be sent to back office staff. The message configuration provides options to combine static text with variables in the context of the transaction and create a customized message alert for each event.

Collect Mobile numbers on Signup
Installing the extension will add fields to a customer entity and collect the information at customer signup and order checkout pages. The mobile number collected contains a country prefix allowing the module to send text messages to global recipients.

Magento Compatibility
The extension is compatible with versions Magento 1.4.x to the latest version 1.7. The extension is strictly Magento compliant and would inherently support higher version releases of Magento.

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Account Setup

SMS Configuration

Order Configuration

12 Responses to Magento SMS

  1. Ryan James says:

    Hi. We need a GUI to quickly send sms texts with order information to one phone number of a group of employees who work in the field. Is your code easily modified to accommodate such a feature? IE…all contacts of contact group “driver” will pop up as an option to send the new order info either on the sales order grid or in the new order detail page.

    • Praveen Paulose says:

      Hi Ryan, the code needs to be modified to incorporate this feature. Would you want us to modify the code or are you conversant with modifying magento plugins to do it yourself?

  2. Salman says:

    How can i buy this extension??? what is the cost?

  3. sIiiS says:

    How can I access this extension ?

  4. Amar says:


    I am interested in this extension for my magento multi site, is this multi site compatible??

    Some more information in regards to pricing etc would be helpful

  5. Peter says:

    We need a system to provide our customer with new password via SMS is that possible?

  6. Animesh says:

    Can someone from the sales get in touch with me. I have requested call back, but haven’t received one till now.

  7. Navraj Singh says:

    Is your plugin compatible with Magento 1.8?

  8. Rama says:

    hi, i am a developer, I want to use this extention for all of my projects. I work in india, Can I use this for all type of transactions. Please let me know.

  9. Daniel says:

    I wanted to know how much it costs per credit.

    I want to also know how you support magento shops where by alerts are sent after an order is place.


  10. dharmender sharma says:

    How can I purchase the exension and how to use this extension like manage templates and sms events?

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